The cover Moya-Sinicropi
MOYA & SINICROPI :  a meeting not only « virtual »

To celebrate its 100th birthday, Michelin has asked to the big «chefs » to collaborate with an artist for making an artistic cover of the famous « red guide ». All these art works were exhibited at the Musée d'Orsay in Paris in early March 2009.
From this encounter between the 2 stars chef Christian Sinicropi with the artist Patrick Moya, was born first of all an original coverage devoted to "virtual worlds" … And also, a complicity who must be continued.

by Florence Canarelli

Moya - who has made his dream true of « being a creature in place of the creator" through Second Life, and is, by the way, became a « digital artist » - has built on his virtual island the "kitchen" in which the chef works
every nights to imagine the "food of the future".
And if Moya has initiated Sinicropi at Second Life, Sinicropi made discover to Moya the world of gastronomy. Since then, they are exchanging culinary recipes against "scripting" recipes...

And Sinicropi was immediately like a fish in water in Second Life

Beyond his work as a chef, Christian Sinicropi likes drawing, painting, poetry and movies.  And he has spend many sleepless nights on his computer, trying to understand the working of the machine, learning as well to change a motherboard as to manipulate intuitively the 3D software.
Later, he made a blog, where he explained the genesis of his recipes, before
discovering Second Life: "It is the meeting with Moya that made me interested in this new world : I was immediately captivated, both by the character of the artist Moya, and also by this 3D universe. Because, much better than a blog, where you can only show photos, Second Life allows you to animate, to give a visual dynamics. For example, I am trying to install a "museum" of my culinary identity since 2006 : there is my first menu, my first dishes as « the hand » or « the clown » ... 

Both creatives and very jealous of their independence, the new friends have found a very fruitful collaboration : Moya has built a replica of the Martinez Hotel, as a starting point to teleport untill the kitchen - in the clouds - of Sinicropi. And when he has visitors of his island - a work of global art dedicated to Moya - he tooks them to the kitchen of the chef - in a « flying car » - the same guy who, in real life, has no driving license !

Result of this unique collaboration : a "machinima", film entirely made in Second Life by Moya, that the two friends suggest you to view, in occasion of this 62nd Film Festival of Cannes.


Patrick Moya and Christian Sinicropi  in RL (real life)


Their avatars before the virtual kitchen and the copy of the Martinez Hotel in SL  (second life)