The cheapest beautifull house in the world?

Wanna buy a very beautifull "villa", on the sea side for only 200 euros?
It will happen at  Haussmann Real Estate in Nice, south of the France, on Wednesday, 1st April from 18.30.
And it is not a joke ... but an artistic performance made "live" by the digital artist Patrick Moya.

Owner of several islands in the virtual world of Second Life, which he considere like "global art",  Moya will sell online (through this agency specialized in
luxury real estate), land, villas and other virtual offices (some of them are already reserved) ...

In RL (Real Life), at the adress 12 quai Papacino, in Nice, or in SL (Second Life), in the virtual Haussmann office installed on the Moya 's island.

Cost :
- From 200 euros for a villa or a corporate headquarters
- Between 10 and 100 euros for a virtual sculpture signed Moya

The future of  the real estate business will be virtual or not ?

Luxuous villa on the sea side, located in a private park of sculptures, with the best design furnitures, absolute security. It is yours for only 200 euros !
(free image)