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Patrick MOYA
Lives and works in Nice, south of the France …  and in the Clouds !

Born in 1955 in Troyes (east of the France)
1974-1977 : studies of Fine-Arts in "Villa Arson" (Nice) 
1977-1987 : nude model for school of Fine Arts
1981 : Moya is supported by Claude Fournet, director of museums in Nice, which organise his first exhibition.
1985 : First artistic use of a computer (image made with a Thomson MO5 from a basic programming, which will be followed later by images and  3D movies)
1986 : first canvas inspired by Pinocchio
1987 : First exhibition in Villa Arson.
1991 : Moya discover Asia :  first realization of  a giant sculpture made of steel only with the 4 letters of MOYA (Taiwan).
1992 : Moya discover the USA (Sangamon Gallery, Chicago)
1993 : Moya made his first ceramics in Italy (Albissola)
1994 : Moya meets Jacques Boulan, art editor who sells for him many steel sculptures (with the letters of his name, MOYA)
1996 : big exhibition in the MAMAC (museum of modern and contemporary art) in Nice. Moya creates his little character, mix of himself and Pinochio.
1998 : Moya become a resident artist of the Ferrero Gallery (specialist of the "Ecole de Nice" movement, with Yves Kein, Arman, Cesar, Ben…).
1999 : Moya creates Dolly, a little sheep emblem of the famous techno-gays parties called "Dolly Party".
2002 : Moya Circus on the road : first exhibition about circus (Granteatrino Casa di Pulcinella, Bari, Italy)
2003: Moya begins a frescoe in the chapel of St. John the Baptist, in the little village of Clans (Alpes Maritimes)
2006 : Moya in Paris for two big exhibitions (galerie Cour Carrée et Grande Arche de La Défense)
2007: After many exhibitions in France and Europe (Germany, Spain and especially Italy), Asia (Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan) and the USA (Chicago, Miami, New York), MOYA finish his chapel  - The Moya Chapel -  after 4 years of work. A new "Moya Circus" (very big canvas) during the International festival of Circus in Monaco
2008 : MOYA lives and works half of his time in the virtual world of Second Life, where he has bought several islands.
2009 : first monumental resin sculpture (Big Pink Dolly), and first Moya float for the Nice Carnival
2011 ; the year of the "catalog raisonné" (40 years of creation, 4200 artworks)
2013 : return in Korean with the inaugural exhibition of the Radium Art Center

Born in Troyes in 1955, Patrick Moya arrives in Nice (French Riviera) in 1970, where he is still living untill today.

In Nice, Moya studies art history in Villa Arson and created the "Reptile Au style" magazine (sort of comics strips about art, 1977).
During ten years, he is a nude model for school of Fine Arts, doing nothing except thinking about art (and going each day to the beach !).
He begins to work really in the beginnings of the 80's, and his first canvas are about the name of his father, MOYA.
Claude Fournet, director of museums in Nice, organize his first exhibition,"Canvas for 50 francs", in 1981, and after that, many other curators in the town will show his works : the Mossa Gallery ("Narcissus", 1984), the Forum Gallery (1985), the Marine Gallery (1987) and the Villa Arson ("Y", 1987)…
Since the beginning, Moya participates to all the local artistic movements : especially "Verbes d'Etat" in the 80's and "La Galerie du Lundi" in the 90's.
Moya has never been a damned artist in Nice, on the contrary: he has been and is still supported by most of the important gallery in "Nice": Frederic Ballester in Cannes, Lola Gassin, the creator of  the Art Fair "Art Jonction International", (at the beginning of the 90's). And since 1998 Ferrero Gallery, the well knowed specialist of "Ecole de Nice" Movement, created by Jean Ferrero in 1972. 
In 1996, Moya has the honors of the MAMAC, where he presented large canvases and sculptures, in particular a  black steel "bull" decorated with the 4 letters of MOYA,  exposed for a long time on the roof of the MAMAC.

Since 1987, MOYA travel very often in Italy, a neighbour where he feels good, like at home, since his first solo exhibition in Bologna : "The occupazioni del burattino", Museum of Modern Art  (1988).
With the help of Danielle Londei (Alliance Française de Bologne), he comes often in Bologna : solo exhibition at the Galeria "Dei Tribunali", (1992) or presentation of "The Moya island in Second Life" (january 2008).
Since 1991, Moya makes his ceramic sculptures in Albisola (Liguria) or Calenzano (Tuscany).
In 2005, he was the artist chosen for the inauguration of the "Year of France" : it is  in Bologna that he presents for the first time "Moya's Alphabet", which will travel across Italy (Bari, Pordenone, Pisa, Biella, Livorno, Genoa, Rimini, San Marino…).
In october 2008, Moya participates to an important exhibition in Firenze with "the artists of Second Life" : in the Antropology Museum, one room was dedicated to the "Moya Civilisation" … More recently, he participates to art fairs in Padova or Genova, with virtual art performances.
After many exhibitions in private gallery (like Universo incantato di Moya, Citriniti gallery in Spotorno, 2004), or group exhibitions (such as "8 percosi dell'Arte Contemporanea", Villa Mazzotti, Chiari, 2006),  a "Notte Bianca" in Sicily ("One exhibition in one night", Modica, January 2007), a seminar about "virtual worlds" for students of Fine Arts in Venice (2007), a performance at Innovation Festival (Milano, October 2010) and a presentation of its new "Abecedario" (Alphabet) in Cuneo (October 2012), Moya returns in Italy (Dronero) in May 2013, for a major exhibition "Universo Moya a Dronero" where he shows some fragments of the Moya Circus and Moya Civilization ... as well as the virtual version of his work (projection of films shot on Moya's Land of Second Life).


In June 1991, Moya discovers Asia. This is the year where he participates in Taiwan, at its first symposium of sculptures for two months, making his first monumental sculpture (over six feet tall) with the letters of his name. It is still on display in the sculpture garden of the Museum of Modern Art in Kaohsiung.
Taking advantage of his presence in Taiwan, Moya also participates to a sculpture festival on the beach in Taipei - where he wrote his name in the sand.
From Asia, Moya remains strong colors, and chinese opera masks - he will use them, reinterpreted, in a series of "Masks for the Moya Opera" (1994).
And as Asia also appreciates him, Moya made many exhibitions in Hong Kong (CCDC et Alliance Française, 1994; Visual Art Center in 2000, Muse Gallery in 2001 and Dorset House in 2002);
And in Taiwan, where he created a new monumental sculpture, "calligraphy of Narcissus", for the Museum of Modern Art in Kaoshiung (1995) or" The presence of Narcissus ", for the international festival of sculptures in Kaoshiung, (2002). In 2002, a gallery of Busan in Korea, Baek Dong Art Center (owner : Sue Jeong Lee), organizes for him a retrospective, under the title "Holidays of Art." …
In the summer 2013, Moya is back in Korea, in the new Radium Art Center of Sue Jeong Lee, with a major solo exhibition on the theme "Moya revisits the classics of european painting".

But Moya has throughout these years carried his colourful world both in London ("Shadow of the Model", Interim Art Gallery) and Paris (Gallery Ghislain Mollet Vieville, 1988, then "Cour Carrée" Gallery, 2005); in Barcelona (Palais Marc, 1989); in the USA - Chicago (Sangamon Gallery, 1992 and The Cairo, 1993), New York (Vision Gallery in Brooklyn, 1998) - but also Germany - Hamburg (Hamburg Messe, 1995) and Viersen (gallery Roosen, 1996)… More recently, he painted his "Bestiary" on the cows of the Cow Parade (Monaco, Paris and Marseille, 2005-2006-2007) and invented the character of "Dolly", a  little "sheep" that has became the mascot of the techno-gay parties named Dolly Party.
When he returned to Nice, Moya is increasingly in demand by the Faculty of Medicine, where he painted murals (1999), a Bank, which commissioned an ABC (2003), by the Princess Grace hospital in Monaco where he made a wall frescoes with digital images mixed with acrylic classical paintings (2006) or by Princess Stephanie her-self, for an exhibition during the World Circus Festival (Monaco, every years since January 2007).
In France, Moya has big exhibitions : "Arsenal de Metz" (2003), the "Chantrerie";   Cahors (August 2004), the "Grande Arche de La Defense" in Paris (September 2006), "Carre d'Art de Nimes" (December 2006), inaugural exhibition of the "Chateau des Terrasses" (Cap d'Ail, 2008) …
2007 is the year of the inauguration of the Moya Chapel, in the little village of Clans, where he paints during four years, a wall frescoe about the life of St John the Baptist, using only his self-portraits : a not very "catholic" chapel !
In 2009, Moya is in Marseille (Virgin Café, Pentcheff gallery, Bank Caisse d'Epargne …), while his new "Alphabet" is travelling across the country (Saint Etienne in October 2010, Valberg, Valbonne, Angers).
The same year, Moya participated for the first time at the Biennale of Cerveira (Portugal), where he is back in 2013  with a lbig installation RL / SL.
In 2010, Moya is in Aix en Provence for a five days performance of painting during a comics festival (march), and in Barbizon with a canvas on the theme of "The Angelus of Moya in Second Life" (tribute to Millet's Angelus, in may). In july, he made a live painting during the Festival d'Avignon (Off).
2011 is the "Moya's Year": publication of the catalog raisonné in June (880 pages, 40 years of creation, 4200 artworks) great exhibition "Moya civilization" in the Malmaison Art Center of Cannes, "The virtual Moya Land" (exhibition of ceramics in Vallauris), and the first presence of Moya in Fontainebleau (Fontainebleau Art Gallery).
In 2012, Moya is in Lyon for the signature of his book "The Animals carnival" (gallery Antelope), in Utrecht in Holland for the first presentation of his work (House of Provinces in September), in Brussels in Belgian, in Mathilde Hatzenberger Gallery for a group exhibition "Behind the curtain" (September), at Roannes Pikinasso for "Erotic eXpo" (also in September) …
Since 2011, Moya is present in Art Fair Cologne (Cologne, Germany) with Art Fontainebleau gallery.

Since a long time, Moya works on computer, first of all for writing his name (on MO5, in basic language), then for creating 3D images and movie (with 3D softwares).
When he discovers Second Life (2007), he becomes "Moya Janus" (the name of his avatar), and lives half of his time IN Second Life, where he built first a Moya Museum, then buy an entire island, gives it his name (Moya Island) and make of it a submersive global artistic work.
On his virtual Moya Land, Moya Janus answers to journalist (Radio Canada, 2013), to students (school of Fine Arts of Venice, Quebec, Zurich or Milan ...), participates or organize many exhibitions, real or virtual, reproduces Art Fairs or Museums (Palais de Tokyo in Paris, Ceramics Museum in Vallauris …),  works with a chief (Christian Sinicropi of Restaurant "La Palme d'Or" in Cannes)  ... Or receive visitors worldwide and makes for them a guiding tour in a virtual car !
Today he is also a digital artist, a pioneer of the 3D web.
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- MOYA, Catalogue complet (Cudemo édition, 2003)
- Le cas Moya (Ferrero collection, 2006)
- La chapelle Moya (Mélis édition, 2007)
- Le guide touristique de l’île Moya (Ciais, 2008)
- L'Abécédaire de Moya (MPO, 2010)
- Le bestiaire de Moya (éditions de la Huppe, 2010)
- La civilisation Moya, (IEM, 2011)
- L'art dans le nuage (Baie des Anges, 2012)
- Moya fait son cirque (Baie des Anges, 2013)


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